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In Home and Personalised Supports

Queensland Support Services & Solutions offers high quality personal support and services for Clients with physical disabilities who receive funding to live and participate within the community.

Supports can include personal care, domestic assistance, and community access.

This will involve working directly with the Client and/or the Client’s family/representative in assessing what support or services are required and how they will be delivered.

QSSS promotes self-determination, choice and control for Clients who provide direction to staff in their own home or community; Clients have total control over their rosters. QSSS build a team of supports around the Client by recruiting specifically for each person based on their individual ‘checklist’; the Client always has the last say about who is employed to support them.

QSSS provides flexible, transparent and accountable services to the Clients for whom we do “nothing about them, without them.”

QSSS is an approved Provider for CoS, DVA, Aged Care and insurance companies; we can also support those who are self-funded.

QSSS is an approved NDIS Service Provider

NDIS funding

The NDIS has now fully rolled out throughout Queensland. QSSS is a registered Service Provider under the NDIS and has already provided supports to people with physical disabilities throughout Queensland for a number of years now.
NDIS participants have choice and control over their disability supports, including being able to choose what supports they will have, and how they are delivered and managed – which fits in perfectly with the QSSS model of supports.
If you transitioned from other funded disability services you will have automatically approved for the NDIS. If you have never received or been approved for supports, you can register for the NDIS at any time.
For more information or to chat about us or your options, please contact our Coordination Manager, Vanessa Jamieson, on 0455 502 900 or refer to

QSSS is based in Brisbane, with divisions based on the Sunshine Coast and Northern Qld, however depending on the person’s (or their family’s) level of capacity to self-determine and their computer skills, QSSS can support anyone, anywhere in Queensland.

We are more than happy to hear from anyone regarding supports or information about people with physical disabilities in Queensland; we can either directly assist you or point you in the right direction.



Surprisingly the transition [to QSSS] was not only straight forward but life changing […] l would highly recommend QSSS to any potential clients or staff — (male client with quadriplegia).

For more testimonials please check out our client testimonials page.

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EXTRA NEWS – Living with COVID-19 in our lives

What has become the norm for us all is living with the Coronavirus everyday in the news, on the radio and on every social media platform we have.

We have restricted all movements to only having outings that are for essential items such as food. There have been fears of ‘who is coming into my home’, ‘what happens if they get sick?’, ‘what happens if I get sick’. To date QSSS has remained strong and healthy with no Clients or Staff getting the Coronavirus. All measures have been taken by the Clients and Staff to make sure that everyone stays well.

We will start seeing a small amount of restrictions lifted as the State Government try to return us to ‘normal’. What this means is that we can travel up to 50 km from our homes for leisure, we can go to a park, have a picnic. Precautions will still be taken and the song in our heads will still be about washing hands and social distancing.

We don’t know what our lives will look like in 3-4-5-6 months, but we know that our supports will remain in place and we will work towards our normal together.


Queensland Support Services & Solutions is a Disability Services (Qld) Approved Service Provider and a proud supporter of Spinal Home Help and Assistance Dogs Australia and Spinal Cord Injuries Australia.

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