New welfare reforms have nothing for disability

News story iconFurther welfare reforms, due to start on 1 July 2015, were detailed in the media today. Job seekers will be expected to apply for 40 jobs a month as well as performing 25 hours of work-for-the-dole per week if you’re under 30, and 15 hours if you’re under 50. If you’re under thirty, you’re also expected to do this for 6 months for no payment whatsoever.

The federal government also unveiled an overhaul of the job services system costing $5.1 billion over three years.

Wage subsidy schemes are planned for those under 30, the long-term unemployed as well as the previously announced wage subsidies for employing people 50 and over.

There was no new assistance announced to help people with disabilities find employment. This means an able-bodied 50-year-old will still get roughly triple the wage subsidy that a 49-year-old employee with a disability would receive. On the bright side there at least weren’t any more punitive welfare reforms announced for people with disabilities either.

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