Petition: Save the Pararoos

News story clip-art iconOn the petition website, is a petition to save the national disabled soccer team from having their funding slashed by the Australian sporting Commission. The Pararoos are the paralympic equivalent of the Australian national soccer team, the Socceroos. The Pararoos are currently ranked 10th in the world.

Here’s the background summary from the petition website:

It’s unbelievable – We’ve just found out Australia’s national Paralympic Soccer team, have had their funding slashed to nothing. $0.00!

The Pararoos – the Paralympic version of the Socceroos – are proudly ranked 10th in the world. Playing for the team is a dream for thousands of kids with cerebral palsy, brain injuries – a dream cruelly ended the same week we’re celebrating the game we love.

The ASC must reverse this decision and save the Pararoos. It’s discrimination. Other Australian teams, and other sports are getting huge amounts of funding, in fact, overall funding to able-bodied sports is increasing this year!

We only need $175,000 a year to run a couple of training camps and get to an international tournament – even that’s running on the smell of an oily rag but it’s enough to keep the team alive – now they’ve cut it all. It’s gutting.

We need the ASC and the Sports Minister to give us a shot here.  It’s discrimination to pour huge amounts of money into able-bodied sports and kill off paralympic ones.

Sport is a fantastic vehicle for young kids with varying forms of brain injury and cerebral palsy, to build their confidence, to learn social skills. At time where football is becoming more and more popular, now those kids won’t have a Pararoos squad to aim for.

Please help by signing the petition demanding the ASC #SavethePararoos.

Given the world cup has just finished in Brazil, the timing of this funding cut is pretty awful. Click here to go to the online petition

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