Nobody is bound to a wheelchair

Opinion piece clip-art icon Meriah Nicholls, at The Mighty website, believes that a picture tells a thousand words.  Her article nobody is bound to a wheelchair is along the lines of our recent article a way with words but much better – because it has awesome pictures.

Meriah also profoundly dislikes Kanye West, an opinion we enthusiastically endorse. She dislikes some of the media’s coverage of the recent Kanye incident, specifically the overuse of “wheelchair-bound” in endless headlines.

Her message is simple; we are not wheelchair bound. Nobody is bound to a wheelchair.

We use wheelchairs, we are not permanently affixed to them. We sleep in beds, fly in planes, drive in cars (and occasionally lie on floors/gutters) all without wheelchairs. Or as the article says:

Here’s a wheelchair: It’s got these round things on them called “wheels.”

So the wheel actually liberates the person who rides in it – it’s enabling, it’s access, it’s getting someone out where they want to be.

It’s kinda depressing that someone had to resort to visual imagery to illustrate such a simple point – but on the bright side it was done in such an awesome way.

We’ll post one image from the article to illustrate what “bound” to a wheelchair conveys when we hear it:


There’s many more at the website. So go read the article and more importantly, point it out to anyone (especially those in the media) guilty of using the “wheelchair-bound” non-sequitur.

Original article: