The Disability Leadership Project

News story iconThe Disability Leadership Project is an initiative that is being launched by the Community Resource Unit Inc (otherwise known as CRU).

There’s nothing listed about the Disability Leadership Project on their website yet, we received this information via an email. However, the email wants people to spread the word, and we aim to please!

Rather than create confusion with snippets or summaries we’ll post the whole email below:

Dear Friends and supporters of CRU,

In late 2013, CRU was offered a private donation, to be paid annually for five years from July 1st 2014, to contribute to the development of strong, principled leadership by people with disability and families throughout Queensland in order to contribute to better lives for people with disability.

We were delighted to accept this generous offer and the project, to be administered by CRU, will be known as the Disability Leadership Project. During 2014 we have had the assistance of an Advisory Group to help us think about the best way to use this exciting donation. We have worked to ensure that the project’s selection criteria and processes will give priority to funding opportunities that ensure maximum impact and positive change.

The project acknowledges that leadership is not only about leading from a designated role but includes a range of individual and collective efforts towards change, and the interlocking nature of different contributions and talents. The project also recognizes a variety of leadership styles and ways to make a contribution. We appreciate that many people will not necessarily call themselves leaders but they may feel called to “make a difference.” The Disability Leadership Project will inspire and encourage what is possible but also be conscious of encouraging leadership which challenges what is not in the interests of people with disability. There will be efforts to ensure that a diverse range of people can access this opportunity and we are keen to ensure that new and younger leaders benefit from this opportunity.

Individuals will have the opportunity to develop knowledge, leadership skills, self-awareness and their understanding of leadership within an environment that allows time to reflect. Encouragement and support will be provided to leaders to take on challenges and obstacles. Leaders will be linked to networks and mentors for ongoing support and development.

What will the project do:

The Disability Leadership Project will provide a number of funding opportunities for people with disability and family members engaging in leadership and based in Queensland. The project, however, is not just a grants program nor is it just a leadership development program as such. Instead, it is a five year investment in advancing the leadership contribution of people with disabilities and their families in Queensland.

In the first two years the Disability Leadership Project will make funding available in four different ways:

1) Ignite: One-Off Funding for Conferences, Travel and other Leadership Development and Skill Building. One-off opportunities to developing leaders by providing them with support to attend conferences and training events, to arrange for visiting speakers to visit their communities, or to engage in other similar activities. (This funding will be available throughout the year until funding is exhausted). (Applications opening soon.)

2) Grow your Leadership: Grants to Deepen Individual Leadership Learning and Experiences These grants are for a for 12-18 month period and will be open from 31st October with applications to close on 1 December 2014 (to be spent by June 2016) APPLICATIONS OPEN TODAY

3) Grow your Collaborative Leadership: Grants to Support Leadership by Groups and Collectives. This option will support groups of people working together in their local communities or with shared communities of interest. These grants are for a 12-18 month period and will be open from 31st October with applications to close on 1 December 2014 (to be spent by June 2016) APPLICATIONS OPEN TODAY

4) Hosted leadership events to allow emerging leaders to access information, skill development and opportunities for personal reflection on a range of foundational leadership topics. This funding will particularly allow CRU to assist regional people to attend CRU leadership events as well as select training opportunities offered by others.

Today we are opening applications for two of these four funding strategies. Attached please find Information Guides and Application Forms for the Grow Your Leadership strategy and the Grow your Collaborative Leadership strategy. Please pass these on to people with disabilities and family members you think might be interested in applying.

If you require more information, please contact Lisa Bridle at CRU on 38442211 or

There’s numerous documents¬† that came with the email. We’ve attached them to download below (Microsoft Word format).

Information Guide Grant Opportunity for Individuals

Information Guide Grant Opportunity for Collaborative Leadership

Grow your Leadership Individual Grant Application form

Grow your Collaborative Leadership Grants Application Form