NDIS participant readiness dates

News story iconUnder the NDIS your are not a service user, you are a service participant.

To help the thousands of potential participants get ready for the NDIS, numerous organisations are holding “NDIS Participant Readiness Events” across the state.

If you are a person with a disability, their families and supporters and are based around Brisbane, South West Queensland or Central Queensland, the organisation to make you “participant ready” is the Community Resource Unit Inc (or CRU for short).

CRU has released a flyer (pdf, 283 Kb) with locations and dates for NDIS Participant Readiness (catchy, isn’t it?) workshops throughout 2015. CRU call their workshops “Taking Charge of Change.”

You can find out more about the workshops by contacting CRU at:

Community Resource Unit Inc. Level 2, 43 Peel Street
P.O. Box 3722
South Brisbane QLD 4101

Phone: (07) 3844 2211

Email: cru@cru.org.au

Web: www.cru.org.au

However, just clarify any confusion, CRU is only one of nine organisations assisting with “NDIS Participant Readiness Events” and they each cater for different groups.

CRU caters only for people with disability, families and carers from Brisbane, South West Queensland and Central Queensland (click here to find out more about regions). We assume that they mean (primarily) physical disabilites and we’re unsure if that includes the Gold Coast.

If you live in North Queensland there is a different NDIS Participant Readiness group. If you have an intellectual or learning disability it’s a different NDIS Participant Readiness group again. Likewise for psychiatric disabilities, likewise for the deaf and hard of hearing, and likewise for aging carers.

You can get further details about who is doing what for whom at this Queensland Government NDIS website link.

However, if you live in Brisbane, South West Queensland or Central Queensland (click here for map) then CRU is the group for you.

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CRU Participant Readiness Dates (pdf, 283 KB)