Wheels for a Steal (part three)!

News story iconIf you’re looking for a set of wheelchair accessible wheels (a vehicle, that is) then today may be your lucky day.

This month we have a wheelchair accessible van, in this case a 2001 Toyota Hiace looking to find a new owner. Wheels for a steal!*

We should clarify that QSSS isn’t involved with the sale of these vehicles in any way other than being contacted by the sellers and thinking it worthwhile promoting.

The relevant details, freshly copy & pasted from our email inbox, are below:

For Sale, 2001 Toyota Hiace – Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle
Sits up to 6 People + Driver + Wheelchair
Well looked after and up to date with services
Service log available
12 Months QLD Registration
5 Speed Manual
$15,000 or nearest offer.
If you’re interested, please call Mal on 0415276834 or email mal@spinalhomehelp.com.au

And here’s some happy snaps for those interested (click for a larger image):

We’d again like to stipulate QSSS has no material interest in the sale of the vans other than wanting to see a modified van end up in the hands of someone who needs it.

Caveat Emptor, your mileage may vary, and all that jazz.

*N.B. Payment required. Please do not steal this vehicle… 🙂