Are YOU disaster ready?

And what’s your What-If plan?

Heatwaves, bushfires, storms, floods, cyclones

These are just a few of the disasters more likely to happen over the summer months.

Picture of storm blowing into bathroomDo you know what to do should one of these extreme weather events occur?

There is a one-stop website called that has information for just about every disaster scenario aside from a zombie apocalypse.

The information on preparing for storms, bushfires and heatwaves is particularly relevant at this time of year:




With this summer forecast to be hotter than usual some awareness and preparation for Bushfires is particularly relevant.

The Rural Fire Service Queensland has this short video to explain the different bushfire warning levels (hint, if it’s red – you need to leave asap):

The Queensland Rural Fire Service also has a bushfire survival plan to download at:

For more bushfire related information check out:

Disability Specific Resources

The Queensland government and the Red Cross have put out an emergency “REDiplan” specifically for people with disabilities, their families and support workers.

It’s online at:

This resource provides information on the four steps to prepare for emergencies and is tailored to meet the specific needs of people with a disability.

Download the worksheets that accompany the following four steps, to determine and plan for your specific emergency needs:

Step 1. Be informed (PDF) (116 KB)

Step 2. Make a plan (PDF) (269 KB)

Step 3. Get an emergency kit (PDF) (223 KB)

Step 4. Know your neighbours (PDF) (108 KB)

So to conclude: don’t panic, but be prepared and stay safe this summer!

Original links:

Get Ready Queensland:

Rural Fire Service Queensland: