The 2017 Quickie Wheelchair Grand Prix

Quickie is the proud new sponsor of the Wheelchair Grand Prix – coming to Queensland for the first time in 2017!

Image of the Quickie Wheelchair Grand Prix

The Wheelchair Grand Prix sent us the following details:

What is the Wheelchair Grand Prix??

WGP provides a platform to experience all the thrills, spills, and speed of motorsport to people previously unable to do so – through Power Wheelchair Racing!

The series features 2 classes, WZ2, a speed limited class to ensure a completely equal playing field, & WF1, an unrestricted class for those seeking the ultimate adrenaline rush!

Who is WGP?

WGP was created in 2013, when founder Christopher Quinlan saw a lack of motorsport opportunities for people living with a disability. Quickie WGP is a racing series much like any other motorsport. With specially designed tracks all over Australia, licensing, a rule book, teams and an unprecedented following of fans.

2017 QLD Competition

WGP is currently registering interest for our inaugural QLD series. If you are, or know a Motorsport enthused who wants a piece of the action or wants to find out more about the series, be sure to click the link below to register your interest.

WGP requires a certain amount of interest to ensure viability, so if you are interested NOW is the time.

We would really appreciate if you could distribute this to your contact lists also to make sure anyone with an interest gets the opportunity to see this!

Click here to register as a Qld competitor.

For more information, checkout or you can email WGP at