Liveable Housing Design Survey

Adorably generic wheelchair stock photo


Got some strong feelings on housing design and accessible housing in Australia?

Well, have we (or ANUHD) got a survey for you!

Check it out at:

We’ve corrected this announcement to have UK spelling (“liveable,” not “livable”) and included the original stock photo, simply because it’s so adorably generic.

The Australian Network for Universal Housing Design (or ANUHD) are undertaking a survey.

The survey will help the ANUHD identify:

  • the difficulties (if any) in finding liveable housing
  • the cost and benefit to Australian Society in providing liveable features in all new housing; and
  • the features that should be in a liveable standard for all new housing.

If you would like to contribute to the ANUHD’s survey, it can be accessed from the ANUHD website.

The survey closes 28 February 2018.

For enquiries, please contact the ANUHD.

And here’s the full size version of that stock photo:

Adorably generic wheelchair stock photo