Spinal Home Help Accommodation House Project

Spinal Home Help logo

Spinal Home Help has launched an ambitious project, to build a fully accessible accommodation house as close to the PA spinal unit as possible.

The rationale for the project is the difficulties already faced by families adjusting to a recent spinal injury, especially those from regional areas of Queensland.

Having an accessible house nearby the spinal unit is an important stepping stone during the early days of rehabilitation.

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Claiming a Positive Future: The power of possibility

News story icon CRU, aka the Community Resource Unit, are holding a conference entitled “Claiming a Positive Future: The power of possibility.”

The conference has the aim “of inspiring, encouraging and connecting people with disabilities, family members, friends and workers to focus on what is possible for all people who live with disability.”

The conference will be held in Brisbane for two days on the 20th and 21st of May 2016.

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Spinal Home Help Empowerment Workshop

Spinal Home Help logoOur good friends, Spinal Home Help, are holding an empowerment workshop for people with disabilities on Monday August 3rd.

The workshop is at the Moorooka Community Centre (40 Gainsborough St, Moorooka) and kicks off at 11am until 2:30pm.

As an aside, isn’t it refreshing to see an event that acknowledges the difficulties some people with disability have arriving with the sparrows to meet early morning deadlines?

Huzzah! Two thumbs up.

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Rob Pyne: Political Trailblazer

Rob Pyne in his mofified parliamemt chamber "seat"

Rob Pyne sitting in his modified parliament chamber “seat.” (Original photo from here)

The late Stella Young’s hilarious “inspiration porn” speech reminds us how overusing the word “inspirational” can seem cheesy or even condescending. However in the case of Rob Pyne, Member for Cairns in the Queensland Parliament and the first quadriplegic MP, the title of “inspirational” may just be appropriate. At the very least, Rob is in many ways impressive.

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