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Consulting services and training offered by QSSS can be tailored or adapted to suit organisation/agencies’ needs and requirements conducted on site or externally.

QSSS is an approved “Your Life, Your Choice” service provider

Your Life, Your Choice Funding
Starting in 2012 Department of Communities—Disability Services have introduced a model of funding called Your Life, Your Choice (YLYC) which is a self directed model. Self-directed support is a funding approach that enables people with disability and their families to have greater choice and control over the disability services they receive. It is a key part of preparing Queenslanders for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).
Depending on what type of funding you currently have, you may be able to transfer to a Your Life, Your Choice model.
QSSS is an approved Host Provider for YLYC.
For more information, please refer to
or contact your local Disability Services Office.

Services for Individuals

Personalised Support

Wheelchair user at pianoQueensland Support Services & Solutions offers high quality personal support and services for clients who receive funding to live and participate within the community.

This will involve working directly with the client and/or the client’s family/representative in assessing what support or services are required and how they will be delivered.

Services may include:

  • Conducting a comprehensive assessment of needs/supports
  • Recruiting, selecting, training and supporting staff
  • Coordinating and arranging individual support services; in-home support; home help; community access; independent living & skill development
  • Developing individual support plans or contracts
  • Service brokerage
  • Providing information, resources & referrals
  • Facilitating transitional accommodation (e.g. from Spinal Unit or family home) to the person’s own dwelling

QSSS is based in Brisbane and also has a division based on the Sunshine Coast.


Services for Organisations

Consultancy Services


  • Developing/reviewing policies and procedures
  • Developing/conducting evaluations and surveys e.g. clients, management committees, staff
  • Organisational development e.g. training, facilitation, action plans
  • Providing information & developing resources
  • Governance development & assistance (management committees, boards)
  • Conducting research; project work
  • Mediation (e.g. staffing issues)
  • Service brokerage


Training offered by QSSS can be tailored or adapted to suit organisation’s/agencies needs and requirements and conducted on-site or externally.

Training courses, seminars or workshops may include the following topics:

  • Induction for Service Providers (2 days, can be tailored to suit)
  • Social justice/principles; Advocacy; Self Determination
  • Empowerment, rights & responsibilities
  • Discrimination; Cultural Diversity
  • Planning and assessment for services & individuals
  • Legislation & ethical considerations (health & disability)
  • Governance training for management committees/boards
  • Duty of care; Workplace health & safety Issues
  • Training for volunteers of disability services