QSSS Testimonials

Testimonial of former Support Worker


I could not leave without mentioning what a pleasure it has been to work for such a streamlined and competent organisation as Q.S.S.S., especially after working for some providers who are NOT client driven companies.

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Client Testimonial #2

TESTIMONIAL from client (male with quadriplegia)

I was with another service provider for over 20 years and as time went on, the service l was getting from that provider was get worse and yet the fees l was being charged were continually increasing. I finally decided enough was enough and it was time to investigate what other options were available.

After a bit of research and speaking with other service providers, support workers and quads I decided to look into QSSS. I rang and spoke with Louise, we then arranged a meeting at my house so she could explain in further detail what QSSS could offer me.

I swapped from my previous service provider to QSSS within weeks, the whole process was extremely quick and hassle free. All of my support workers come with me to QSSS, they received a higher pay rate and I received the service cheaper that l was paying so it was win win for all concerned.

Client Testimonial #3

Testimonial (male with quadriplegia)

Following being discharged from the Spinal Unit after a long stay l signed up with a large service provider recommended to me by a social worker from the hospital.

Things started off well and obviously not knowing anything different l felt l was receiving an adequate level of service. After the first couple of years and as the organisation grew bigger l became increasingly frustrated with many aspects of their service. From skyrocketing fees, very slow recruitment of new support workers, severe lack of communication between office staff and the biggest offender of `too many chiefs and not enough Indians` l had ever come across. Needless to say l had certainly had enough!

l first became aware of QSSS a couple of years ago as several of my Support Workers (SWs) were already employed by them. After discussions with several people employed by QSSS l decided to call Louise who explained in detail over the phone about QSSS and also if l did want to change service providers what was involved in the transition. l was pleasantly surprised and we arranged a time to meet when Louise offered to visit me at home.

Having been with my previous service provider for about 7 years l felt a little nervous and daunted about making the change. Within 30 minutes or so of Louiseā€™s arrival l felt not only confident about making the change but it felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. Surprisingly the transition was not only straight forward but life changing.

As l mentioned earlier several of my SW`s were already registered with QSSS and the majority of my team remained with me. After a little over a year now not only am l much happier but so are my support workers. It`s nice to be treated like a person again and not ` just a number. And reasonable fee structures and flexibility to top it all off.

Myself and staff are treated with respect, there is adequate training and recruitment is handled promptly, efficiently and obviously successfully. l`m not getting constant phone calls and emails from office staff and neither are my SW`s so everyone is happy. With QSSS l`m now with a pro active service provider as opposed to the previous reactive organisation l was with.

Therefore l would highly recommend QSSS to any potential clients or staff.